CyberSkin Cyber Cock with Balls, Light - Realistic Dildos & Dongs by Topco Sales
CyberSkin Cyber Cock with Balls, Light - Realistic Dildos & Dongs by Topco Sales
CyberSkin Cyber Cock with Balls, Light - Realistic Dildos & Dongs by Topco Sales
Dildos-CyberSkin Cyber Cock with Balls, Light-Realistic Dildos & Dongs-8inchesX1.7inches-0-Beige-Realistic-Phallic-Phthalate Free
Made in USA

CyberSkin Cyber Cock with Balls, Light - Realistic Dildos & Dongs by Topco Sales

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  1. Ultra realistic CyberSkin dong with 6 insertable inches and 1.7 inches width
  2. Virtual Touch texture provides the ultimate experience in pleasure
  3. Dual Density combines the feel of soft skin with an erect shaft and real ball sack
  4. Waterproof
  5. Phthalate free
  6. Made in USA
  • Length: 8.00 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 6.00 Inches
  • Width: 1.70 Inches
  • Color: Beige
  • Feature: Latex Free, Made in USAMore Info, Phthalate FreeMore Info
  • Shape: PhallicMore Info
  • Material: RealisticMore Info
  • Texture: VeinyMore Info
  • Brand: Cyberskin
  • Manufacturer: Topco Sales
  • UPC: 051021044672
  • Weight: 1.10 lbs

    Review Of TO0446-7, December 24, 2003

    A best buy, you can not go wrong with. Has a firm center core and super plush soft/squishy thick outer coating.

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    Super Realistic, December 4, 2010

    By Shell

    I love this dildo. The cyberskin product feels amazingly realistic. The balls feel great. The size is perfect. You certainly need to wash it well after use; however, the powder talc truly keeps it fresh and smooth feeling. It's great because it does not have a smell like some dildos do. When its warm it feels exactly like a real cock. This toy turns me on all the way. Totally worth the money.

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    Great Dildo , November 26, 2012

    This dildo is great, its not as big as me,(which i new when i bought it) so it just teases my wife and makes her want me even more.It gets the job done, this dildo is great for just having a little extra fun. She thought it is very realistic and its not to flexible. A+++

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    My Wife Can't Tell The Difference , April 3, 2011

    First time I used it on my wife she did not want to stop cumming. And the funny thing, she did not know it was not my cock. See I have a small cock, this one is much bigger and longer. I can fuck her for a long time and she loves it. Maybe someday I will tell her.

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    Review Of CNVELD-TS446, December 29, 2008

    My wife loved it. It looks and feels like a real penis!

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    Review Of TO0446-7, November 16, 2006

    By Donna

    This is the best dildo I have ever had. My Husband got it for me and I do not always like the rubber feeling,well after he got this all lubed up and started rubbing me it slid right in and it felt real real good better than.... Now every time we make love he will rub my clit with lube and tease me until my pussy is dripping and then he puts the head of this just inside me and pulls it out, after a few times of this I manage to push myself on to it and get the whole thing I always get off several times using this toy. I also have one huge black dildo for those special times when I need a more full feeling like when we watch some interacial porn where a white girl is getting a big black cock, My husband asked me if I could take on that big and I just grin. Then he gives me a good fucking with the big dildo and I suck his cock after. After having the big dildo I can not even feel him in me so I give him a good blowjob so he can be happy to.

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    Cyberskin, December 30, 2009

    Cyberskin is the softest most realistic feeling material out there. There's nothing closer to the real thing. You don't want to use KY, silicone, or any non toy compatible lubricant with it as it will erode the material over time. Any water-based toy safe lube is fine, like wet or astroglide. You also want to store it in a plastic bag with half baby powder and half talc powder after cleaning. This keeps it soft and new.

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    OMG!!, April 14, 2010

    By Jenna

    Omigod, This thing is awesome! I have never liked any dildo my hub brought home until this one. If you warm it up a little it feels just like a real cock. We have had numerous threesomes with him now. I don't like to suck it, cause it tastes kinda funny, but love to have him slide deep into my pussy while I suck on my hubby's cock. It makes me feel so dirty to have this other cock fucking me. Probably the best use we have is when Hub finishes first, I grab "George" and he finishes the job, sloppy seconds and all!

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    Cyberskin Cybercock With Balls, April 13, 2011

    Wife didn't care for this at all. Its a half hard cock. It does feel and look cool. Not much you can do with a half hard cock. Have no use for this at all. Will be sending it back they can keep it.

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    Review Of TO0446-7, November 9, 2004

    By Husband

    I bought this for my wife and I did not expect her to like it as much as she does. We have about ten other vibrators or dildos and it is her favorite now. She loves that real feeling. She likes that it bends to her shape and she does not get sore over time. It is slightly smaller than myself but she is turned on by the fact that it feels so damn real. One downside, we have used it 3 times, it already has a small tear. But we like it so much that we will quickly replace it with another if it gets to damaged. We may also get one larger made from the same material.

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    My Somewhat Reserved Wife Is Becoming ..., July 26, 2010

    By DJ

    This is really a great dildo! My wonderful, pretty, usually very reserved wife of 30 years is learning to loosen up. This dildo is helping her make that transition. She has only used it a few times as a prelude to our love making but in those few times she has gone from being somewhat passive to being much more engaged and responsive in our love making. We'll be back for more!!!

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    Well Worth The Cost, June 22, 2011

    By clearmoon247

    The cyberskin cybercock is one of the most realistic feeling toys I've ever used. The shaft and balls have dual density for greater realism. The shaft is the perfect thickness and feels just right. The dimensions are appx. 7" long by 1.5" wide. The cybercock does have higher upkeep as compared to lesser quality toys. If you don't apply a coat of corn starch between uses it can cause the material to begin to crack or deteriorate. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a realistic experience and a quality toy at a low price

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    Review Of TO0446-7, September 10, 2004

    By Ron

    I got my wife drunk one night and slid this in her pussy, and she never even knew it was a dildo until I got off of her. she enjoyed it so much that I have even got to dp her with it. Nothing better than my cock in her ass and cyberskin in her pussy.(unless I had someone else fucking her at the same time)

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    Sweet Stroking Pleasure!, November 6, 2011

    By anal buzz

    My girlfriend and I bought this product locally, before I found this site. We were both amazed at how real this dong felt, I kept thinking I was holding my own stuff.It is a little floppy, but once inserted, it's amazing! I went down on her and got her good and juicy and slid this in my girl and gave her a good stroking and she said it was so real it was scary. She later mounted it in a harness and lubed me up and slid it up my ass and gave me a good pounding. It feels Amazing anally. Gives the prostate a good workout, and the friction sensation as it slides in and out is just delicious. It has become my favorite anal ride. Get it!

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    Review Of TO0446-7, April 6, 2005

    By TAPY

    Bought this for my wife. Had tried other toys in the past but she didnt like because of feel. Got to give her clit a blowjob one night and I asked her if she would try it. After a little working it slid right in. It is about the same girth as me but a little longer. After a having sex one night I asked if I could fuck her with and she said yes. By the time I got back 30 seconds later she was actually dripping in anticipation for it. Worth every penny working on Getting the dream dick next. Thanks UR3

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    Review Of TO0446-7, October 21, 2003

    This toy is definitely worth the money. It was the best forty dollars that I have ever spent

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    My "Real" Dick, December 14, 2012

    By bigboitoy

    As a female to male transgender, this is my favorite dildo. It has the most realistic look, size, and most importantly feel of a biological cock. Only wish it was "vac lock" style.This one is more for my own pleasure rather than my partner. I call it my work horse because I use it for my daily JO's.

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    Staff Review, February 25, 2010

    By Staff Pick - Justin

    Topco Sales CyberSkin Cyber Cock is a slim, realistic dong. Just holding this penis gets you wondering. If it feels like a hard on and is soft like a real cock, can it truly feel real too? Absolutely! This seven and a half incher is the ideal size for men and women. It's not too small that you crave more and it's not too huge that you wish you downsized. Hide this under the bed and see if your lover can tell which one they are taking. Maybe next time they'll ask for a double!

    Was this review helpful for you?

    Awesome Product And Service, December 14, 2010

    By Stephanie

    I was very pleased with this purchase. I haven't used it yet, but I ordered it maybe three or four days ago and just received it, exactly as ordered. At first it feels a bit unusual, but has the same dexterity and pliability as a real penis. Also included are the lube and protective gel; I also purchased some cleaner to add to it. I am also extremely pleased with the company itself. They shipped quickly and extremely discreetly (there is nothing outside the box to indicated what is inside). I would definitely order from them again :-)

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    Review Of TO0446-7, October 9, 2004

    By Anon

    > Did it work as expected: Yes> How used: For wife, vagina, rear, both me and it in same...> Worth the price: Very much so> Any other info: I bought this as a first toy for my wife and myself after reading a lot of these reviews. I must say, other than temperature, it feels very real. It was as big as expected and very supple - not soft and floppy, but it is not as stiff as my own member. I was trying to determine if she could tell the difference between me and it (about the same size) and she was unsure which was which - the winning comment was It feels so real, I though it was you.

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