Shipping Procedure


Due to the nature of our products your privacy is important to us. We do the following steps to prevent embarrassing moments and protect your privacy at all times:

1. We make sure the content is not visually identifiable when put inside the LBC pouch. We put and seal the item inside a plain brown envelope first then placed inside the LBC plastic pouch.

2. We don't declare it on the LBC receipt as “sex toy” or “dildo”. Instead, we declare it as novelty item on the LBC receipt to avoid embarrassing moments during courier handling and delivery. This ensures that even the LBC delivery guy does not know whats inside the pouch.

3. You may give specific instructions to us if you want it for pick up in LBC branch you prefer to avoid embarrassing moments that someone in your house might receive and open your package.




  1.  When paying through bank deposit customer MUST notify us via text (0928 844 2627) or email ( that payment has been made or deposited to our bank accounts (BDO or Chinabank) so we can verify and process your order.

  2.  Customer must text us the following so we can process your order:
    – item ordered (exact product name)
    – shipping details (your name and address), LBC branch pickup is also possible
    – which bank branch and address you visited and amount deposited with time and date (so we can validate and verify your payment deposit)
    – a working no.

  3.  Upon verification that payment was received in our bank account we will ship your order the following working day 5pm batch.

  4. LBC takes 1 to 2 overnight days to ship and deliver to your door in Philippines only. LBC tracking no. is available upon your request.

  5. In the event you dont receive your item after 3-4 days you may call or email us at SMS (0928 844 2627) or email (

  6. Other modes of payment for customers outside of Metro Manila are LBC Pera Padala, Paypal, Credit Card payments through our website.




For Metro Manila customers we deliver same day using our own motorized messengers. Each item discreetly wrapped in plain brown envelope to protect customer privacy. You may inspect each item before paying our messengers.