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The Sex Toy of the Century

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Dim lights? Check. King Sized Bed? Present. Vibrator? Better grab one.

As being known to be one of the most mischievous and innovative creations of man in the history of sex toys, vibrators are hailed to groove anybody’s G-spot on the roof. Once you plug it in, and turn it on no one can defy the entire feeling of wonderland these babies can bring. If you do want to experience this euphoric state when having sex, why not grabbing an instant vibrator to go play wild and dirty with your partner.

Materials for these Sex Toys

Various materials were being used to device vibrators. These materials affect how you are able to properly utilize them, its price and even on how you properly maintain these vibrators. So, it is not advisable to be an impulsive buyer for these sex toys. One must know what vibrator is suited for you and for your partner.  Basically, this shmexy sex tool is being categorized into five different types: Plastic, Latex, Jelly, Cyberskin, and Silicone.

Plastic Vibrators

As being known as the cheapest choice among all vibrators, these babies have been quite popular among the public population. Its plastic composition makes it really smooth and sleek when doing the giddy-yup penetration, giving you one of the most fulfilling and satisfying feeling of insertion. However, its lack of flexibility makes it lesser effective for the clitoral stimulation. It may be cheaper than the other vibrators, but the ecstatic feeling that tingles through your spine when used is way too unimaginable.



Latex Vibrators

Vibrators that are based its components from latex are also quite cheap in the market. However, it is step higher than the plastic vibrator. Its firmness has been noted to be very effective for deep penetration. These babies are literally “hot” as they have much friction than the plastic ones. So in order to prevent any friction rubs in your orifice, you might wanna add certain amount of lube. You might also watch if you have a certain allergy to latex-based products, ‘coz this might end your sex night into a fright night.

Jelly Vibrators

These jelly based babies give you a provision of balance between both cost and usability, making it the favored choice among mid-range and expensive vibrators. Like any other sweet jelly based products, this type of vibrator offers you the most exotic, colorful and a variety of shapes as how a user wants it to look. Also, with its very sleek, smooth, and soft material, any user can go gaga as this vibrator inserts your orifice giving you a wonderland experience. When you deal with jellies for pleasure, you’ll definitely not go wrong.

Cyberskin Vibrators

If the above choices give you the heebie-jeebies, well a cyberskin can be best suited for you as it simulates a realistic appearance and feel. As how it is named, the cyberskin’s material has been able to successfully replicate the feel and appearance of a human being’s skin. Equipped with its leverage among the other types of vibrators, these naughty toys also come with a price. Purchasing a cyberskin vibrator pays you an extra feeling that cannot be defined by any known words in the dictionary. Shmexy? Pretty sure it is!


Silicone Vibrators

If you thought that silicones are only good with boob enhancements, well you might be surprised when you see that they are also utilized to be the top notched quality material in the vibrator making industry. As their prizes are quite high, you are paying for its durability and extensive hygienic properties that a user can benefit from. This type of sleek toys is quite in a go for a wilder sex session compared to the other types. Plus, this type of vibrators can last up to a certain number of years when properly maintained. It is truly a work of art, giving you a sex with posh.

Cleaning your Vibrator 101

To be able to achieve the longevity of your sex toy, users must be able to maintain and clean it properly and thoroughly. It would also be a little bit messy to immediately stick this baby to any of your orifice without any proper cleansing. So here are tips on making sure that your vibrator is ready when you want to give it a go.

1, One of the easiest ways of cleaning your vibrator is using a product that is designed for the sole purpose of cleaning sex toys, which is the Antibacterial Toy Cleaner. Better yet, you can use a mild soap and water to properly clean your vibrating toy so that it will be ready for a spin.

  1. Let your vibrating sex toys be stored in a clean and dry place. Also, try placing it where children cannot reach these toys. It would be a better idea to store this kind of sex toys in your “Special Storage Sex Toy Bag” and keeping them on your lingerie drawers.
  2. Finally, try to be mindful of the material it is made of. Through the better understanding of their natural composition, you can be able to yield a better knowledge on how to utilize and maintain your toy in a quite special way.

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