Vibrating Panties - Your Dirty Little Secret

Your Own Dirty Little Sexy Secret

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Secretive, vibrating and frisky, panties can surely give the both of you a thrill and enticement. These pretty seductive panties are made from the softest laces and the smoothest silks that a girl can dream of. However, these are not just your typical lingerie. Something is tucked in that might give you a little sizzle and frizzle.


That is it! A vibrating panty is what we are talking in here. Placed in the secret pouch of this panty are 10 functioned wireless vibrating bullets that can literally give you the sizzle and frizzle once it is turned on. From any place you might be, may it be a date, a dinner, a party or even a little get together. Nobody knows you’re pretty armed for a hell of a night, it is your pretty little secret. Here are the common info’s you might want to check if you are planning to get this frisky lingerie.


What is a Vibrating Panty?


It has come along with varieties of name, from vibrating thongs to vibrating undies, but the general term is the vibrating panty. These kinky sex toys are a clitoral “hands-free” vibrator that is mainly utilized by female users to attain a frisky sexual stimulation. Although the vibrator itself is naughty toy, it has a feature that comes better with a conjoined panty that comes along as well. What is sexier than an alluring panty paired with a vibrator inside?


As to how innovative sex enthusiasts are, the vibrating panty has been designed for both females and males to play along. How should male individuals get to have a lot of fun? Well, have you heard of the saying, “with great power comes with great responsibility? Well in this case any guy could have all the responsibility he could have once he gets to operate the remote of the vibrator inside. So guys, if you want to be responsible enough, you know what we mean by that.

With its renowned functionalities over the globe, it has even made an appearance in one Hollywood movie entitled, “The Ugly Truth” where Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl starred.


Types of Vibrating Panties


If you’d wish for a variety of sexual panty to choose from, then this is just the perfect place for you. The vibrating panty has different types for you to choose from, but we do assure you that all of these stuffs are extremely kinky in their own ways. Now, feast your eyes on these different varieties of vibrating undies:




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Remote Control Vibrating Panty


Girl, if you think you have all the fun, then you have thought wrong. Let your guy be enticed as he watches your reaction when he has the remote to your vibrator. You read it right, this type of vibrating has a special feature that allows it to be controlled remotely. With these remote controllers, you might want to keep these babies away from your partner when you are in around in the crowd.


Being with your handy remote, any girl could also turn on the vibrator whenever and wherever she wants it. And there is absolutely no need to worry as these vibrators are designed to be noiseless. So you and the crowd should not be bothered by the sound, well that is of course if you are not moaning out of its pleasurable feeling.



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Crotchless vibrating Panties


Well you heard it right, some vibrating panties are uniquely designed to be crotchless. These models are designed for an easy intercourse. An easy access to the genitals and a vibrating bullet that massages the clitoris, what is sexier and hotter than that? If any girl’s partner would know that these panties do exist, we would be expecting a perfect anniversary or a valentine gift for their partners.


However, you might not use this in public. You don’t want to have that open feeling once you are in the street or in a bus. This lingerie is something you may only want to wear in your bedroom with your partner.



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Removable Bullet Vibrating Panty


If you are into sex toys that are penetrated to your partner’s vaginal orifice, then this is perfect for you. These babies are created for the fun fact of inserting other kinky stuffs in replacement of a vibrator. Still, you can wear this outside and in the public. However, you might want to keep this your little secret once you're out there in the outside world.


How to Use these Vibrating Panties


Using this kinky underwear is really, really that easy, doing it is just like wearing any other panties you’ve worn. This toy is actually not that difficult to use, you do not even have to enter a semester to go and have a little booze with this baby.


When you buy these types of panties, it comes along with a remote. You must remember to keep this remote out of children’s hands. They might mistake it as a game or a child’s toy and accidentally turn it on. If you do not want to gush out an orgasmic feeling and aura in the public, you might need to keep this remote out of children’s hand.





How to Wash your Vibrating Panty?


When it comes to cleaning, you simply do not have to worry first. All because most of the fabrics used by vibrating panties are washing machine friendly, you can just dump your vibrating panty inside the washing machine. However, it is a must that you should have to remove the vibrators first before you try sinking your panties inside a washing machine.


Why Should you Avail a Vibrating Panty?


If you are asking why you should buy these vibrating panties, then you should definitely get your pens and take down these notes on why you should definitely get one.


  1. Excitement. What is more exciting than having your foreplay and sexual stimulation done in the public, secretly? This secret agent feeling you might get would give you a much more thrill and would give you “give everything to me baby” feeling to your partner. Any date or surprise you can give your boyfriends when you are on a dinner would definitely pump up his libido into the highest level. Well it is not that secret though if you are dating someone who has X-ray vision, but if they don’t you’ll definitely get them hot and wild.
  2. The Guys Want it. Another reason why you might want to have these babies is that your boyfriend will definitely love these inventions. They’ll definitely act like a child once you hand them the remote control to your vibrator inside your panties. Now that would attain a much exciting evening.
  3. It's just plain sexy. Well you can do it by yourself also if you wanted to. Any girl can do self pleasure with these babies without the help of their boyfriends. They can even do it in public without letting the public realize you're on your orgasmic level, unless your moaning out there they’ll definitely know.


Where To Purchase a Vibrating Panty?


Most of the time, you can just sit down on your computer and switch into a searching mode through the internet. You can definitely get one if you through online shopping. The online shops got it all for you from the simple kinky ones with the most extreme frisky lingerie just like the crotchless panties.


However, some sex boutiques and lingerie shops offer this type of panty as well. So you might wanna do some strolling into your favorite shopping centers. We might not know that you can purchase these babies there.



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