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Condoms are commodities nowadays. With its stretchable and slick feeling lit gives you your penis ones inserted, you can be surely be certified with a sex safe. However, some of these condoms reduce the feeling of having a “natural” sex. Some of these condoms have a variety of thickness that serves a barrier for the au natural  kind of feeling.

If you do have a problem with these condoms, better change and try out a different box. As a recent study showed, most men have reported that they are intensely satisfied as how they are able to feel their condom as they groove with sex. As producers of condoms realized these sentiments among men individuals, they have released the so called “ultra thin condoms” that will literally pop those cherries from your partner.

What are Ultra Thin Condoms?

The ultra thins condoms’ function is typically not different of what a normal condom could actually do. The only thing that greatly differs between these two condom products is that the ultra thin can give a much sensual feeling that does not compromise the “au natural” feeling that any men would want to experience.

Most of these condoms are latex based and are more stretchable and more easily used than any other materials. These condoms also are a good combination with water based lubricants to create a more sensual feeling between both you and your partner.

Using The Ultra Thin Condom 101

Wearing a condom before sexual intercourse is a good start to indulge yourself for a safe sex. Although your intentions of a safe sex is there, you might be able to cause much damage once wrong use and utilization of the condoms are being applied. So here are some of the few tips you might want to give an eye.

  1. Look on the labels and then check them out. Know the pro’s and con’s for each product. Try to check also the expiration date, you do not want to stick in your Weenie in some expired product, right? They might cause certain infections or damage. We never know
  2. Do not pull the condom prior putting it on. Try to pinch it at the tip to remove air first. Then unroll the said condom up to the base of the penis. Take note, it must be an erect penis, condoms should be worn by erect penises only. If and whenever the penis is uncircumsized, you should pull the foreskin back before applying the condom in.
  3. After the ejaculation stage and while the penis is still hard, you should be able to hold firmly the rim of the condom leaning it against the base of your penis while withdrawing it. Unable to do this step properly would then result to slippage and spillage of ejaculated semen.
  4. Even if you are away and not facing to your partner, you should take note of slowly removing the condom to avoid a messy spilling of semen in your sheets or on the floor.
  5. Dispose used condoms once finish. Lastly, NEVER REUSE CONDOMS!


Where to Purchase these Ultra Thin Condoms?

These condoms are easily available at your nearest drugstores, convenience stores and health clinics. Even shopping malls also display these type of condoms. The fact is, you do not have to worry for its availability for it is quite a commodity nowadays. SO, tons of sellers are out there.

Even online shops cater to this kind of product. You can jump in and turn on your computer if you are really tired of going out. Get a card and punch in your order now to your trusted online shops.

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