The Ten-“Ass”-ity of Anal Toys



As being categorized as a social taboo back then, anal sex and stimulation has been quite acceptable this generation. It has been the face of a new sexual frontier among intimate partners who may want to experience a little bit unconventional way in their sexual checklist. As the social turmoil with regards to anal sex has been slowly diluting, more adult sex goers are into anal sex learning and practices.


Identifying yourself as an active participant and doer of an anal sex, you might have to learn and read about certain anal toys that are available in the market. With the increase libidinous intentions brought by anal sex, adult individuals must know the reality behind anal sex toys and how they work and utilized in the bedroom scene.


What are Anal Toys?


Anal toys or the anal sex toys are actually objects specially devised to penetrate the anal orifice. Penetration to the anus would stimulate the nerve endings that are found in there. These toys are made up of variety of products that ranges from plastics, rubbers to silicone. Complete understanding with their natural component would also help in the better utilization of anal toys.


Although anal sex toys are most conventional and common among homosexual sexual intercourse, the fact of anal stimulation and bareback sex among heterosexual partners cannot be disputed as well.


As other people have found great pleasure in anal sex, these anal toys were created to satisfy and relinquish their craving for anal sex.


Types of Anal Toys


Varieties of anal toys are being marketed nowadays. Every kind of anal toy has their mechanism on how to make you feel satisfaction. As one may know different varieties of these toys, different options can be weighed and compared for your convenience. So here are the most common types of anal sex toys that you may enjoy:



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Dildos are penis shaped objects that are usually made of silicone, rubber, cyberskin or plastic. This specific anal toy can give you a certain feeling of fullness with a back and forth motion that will satisfy from the beginning ‘til the end of your sexual experience. Although dildos are more common plaything for homosexual partners, a heterosexual partner should not be disturbed when getting this sex toy as your satisfactory buddy in the bedroom. With correct posture and entry of your dildo, your partner may get a libido level of 15 out of 10.


However, the only thing that may tick you off with dildos are their “no hands-free” moment, A single hand or even two hands must be utilized to be able to give a support and enable dildos to be manipulated well. As for the feeling of hard or difficult penetration, lubricants or condoms with lubes present may ease this problem with dildos. Even latex gloves covering the dildo can be a great replacement for your condoms.



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Anal Beads

You may wonder how beads can contribute to a satisfying anal sex, right? These beads are quite noted to stimulate every nerve findings found in your anus. As to how they look like, you might seem be shocked of its quite sophisticated form. It is actually made of numbers of spherical shaped joined together to form into a spine looking structure. These series of spherical shapes are continuously inserted to the anus and then removed with alternating speeds that depends on how you and your partner would desire.


Most of Anal bead ranges its diameter from 26 mm up to 126 mm. These spherical beads are commonly made of: rubber, silicone, latex, metal or even glass. An ending round shaped hollow circle is designed at the end of each bead to pull off the beads.  


Although sharing is usually a good thing, you might want to keep this toy to yourself. You do not want others to meddle with this personal stuff of yours. As multiple users of your anal beads may cause unexpected infections that can cause damage to the user, try to make this your own personal stuff.




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Butt Plugs

If you wanted the feeling of fullness like what the dildo has to offer without worrying the “no hands-free” feature, you may want to check out butt plugs. As how the name suggests, butt plugs are usually made of rubber, plastic, latex or silicone materials that were devised specifically to perfectly cover the butt, or literally plugging them out.


When using them, you may want to keep this thing for yourself. These types of toys surely know the value and essence of private possession, as they are not subjected to be borrowed or being shared among friends or other person.


There are quite few other anal toys that are not listed here. However, these three are among the most popular and marketed as of today. This list can surely give you a guide on which certain product you might want to avail.



How to properly choose Your Anal Toy?


The anus is quite more delicate than the vaginal opening. Therefore, you must always bear in mind to use smooth objects that you might want to penetrate. Damage in the anus is quite common when rough edged objects or any blunt objects maybe used upon the penetration in the rectum. To know that the surface of your toy is smooth a simple technique can be measures. If ever your toy is easy to clean, like a silicone based toy, that means the anal toy you have is non-porous and therefore is a good and safe toy for your rectum.


Another thing you might want to check is the presence of any “anal base” of your toy. This base will allow you to pull off the toy easily without trapping the toy inside the rectum. We do not want the toy obstruct the rectum area, as this may cause fecal impaction.


As to cleaning, you might want to choose toys which strings are not made of thread or any material that may absorb fluids easily. These types of strings may be hard to clean and therefore retains smell after use.


Where to Purchase Anal Toys?


Tons of shops have already been noticed to market these kinds of products. However, if you are having a trouble finding these shops nearby you may just have to turn on your computer and browse through some reliable online shops. These toys are quite popular and easily marketed in the online shops.





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