Rabbit Vibrators

Sexy, Kinky Bunnies For You

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Want to give your girlfriend the ultimate stimulator that can make go ask for more? Then do yourself a favor and avail a rabbit vibrator and try this baby on with your girlfriend.  With these types of vibrator attaining a sexual bliss is a lot easier and attainable already.

Even though vibrators came from a distant time long ago, these types of vibrator are an innovation that has just been modified for a better sensual feeling. These rabbit vibrators belong to a new generation of sexy and kinky sex toys that could make you literally horny and hot. Before one must be able to utilize this baby with ease, complete understanding of its mechanism and actions must be considered first. So, below are essential things you might have to remember about these rabbit vibrators.

Rabbit Vibrators? What are They?

As how the name suggests, rabbit vibrators literally looks like a rabbit with its two rabbits like stimulators, These simulators are designed to stimulate the clitoris and then the other one is a phallus shaped shaft that is to be inserted into the vagina. These types of kinky toy are a rotating and vibrating that could give any girl a thrilling feeling any girl would  experience. These toys can be used as self pleasuring tool that could give you a solitary fun or with a partner to experience a sex night that you could never forget.

This type of toy had even made its appearance on the famous show, Sex and The City. Wherein it is named as the “Original Jack Rabbit”. Quite kinky name what you think?

How does Rabbit Vibrators Work?

These baby bunnies can be a handful when it comes to giving a pleasure. If you are thinking right now, how these bunnies can give you a pleasure that could wow you. Well, the secret it holds lies in its ears. These ears are designed perfectly to stimulate specific erogenous zones of a woman, which are the clitoris and the vaginal G –spot. With their ears, they can truly give you a rotating and vibrating pleasure that can even be done by yourself girls. Who needs a man then if you have a kinky bunny rabbit by your side, right?

Conventional Vibrator or Rabbit Vibrator, which one is better?

If you have a normal vibrator, you might have to rethink about buying a cute kinky bunny rabbit as your vibrator, correct? However, do you actually believe that rabbit vibrators outweigh  its advantages comparing the conventional ones. Conventional vibrators are without a doubt offers a good feeling also. However, compared to a rabbit vibrator this baby ran out its juices already. Rabbit vibrators pumps up every girl's libido as it stimulates two erogenous zones at a time, a heavenly feeling that is  way beyond compare.

Its Secret Material that it's made of being…

If you guessed  that it is Silicone, then you are very much correct. These orgasmic bunnies are made up from silicone that is smooth and slick that gives you a feeling of wanting more.  This silicone based bunny is perfect for vaginal and clitoral stimulation as it is smooth and non-porous therefore avoiding the risk of posing any damage that can be inflicted in the vaginal walls.

Silicone based products are also perfectly matched with water based lubricants if ever you wanted it to be slick when penetrating the orifice. Silicones are simply sexy and easy, wouldn’t you agree?

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