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It would be a great pleasure and a great pride among men who possesses a bigger sized penis among others. As considered to have a sense of pride, guys with larger size has been considered the Alpha Males and are said to have subjected for a greater sex experience with their partners. Though penis sizes are being affected genes and hereditary factors, it would hold such beacon of hope among males with not so big penis to mechanically alter their own size for their own pride and comfort.

Due to this growing concern among male individuals, vanity and frustrations toward the size of their Weenies are now moderated with devices that can surely guarantee a bigger size. Such devices that are said to be useful in these desperate times are called the Penis Enlarger Pumps or simply called the Penis Pumps.

What are Penis Pumps?

This cylindrical shaped object is perfectly designed to fit the penis inside its tube like formation.  Equipped with its manual or motorized pump, the penis enlarger pump creates a suctioning motion that creates a partial vacuum around the penis that engorges the penis while it draws in blood. These pumps have also been well known to be used as a temporary remedy for any symptoms and signs of impotence, but not cure the condition totally.

Penis pumps usually have cock rings to sustain a better erection through pumping of the tube that may last for quite some time. Although some people may think that the mechanism of action, brought by the penis pumps are similar to vacuum cleaners has been reported to cause severe damages to your penile area. No other device that has a suctioning effect may compare to penis pumps. Considered to be a euphemistically male enhancement procedure, Penis pumps can surely bring out the best of every man.


How to Use a Penis Pump?

To gain the maximum effects of these pumping devices, it is the utmost importance to set a good foundation. To prepare yourself for the suctioning motion the pump has to offer, you must be able to perform strong manual penis exercise routine. These routines are said to condition your penis to perform and be able to attain effective good results. Such preparations can be in the form of penis stretching and jelqing for a minimum of 60-90 days prior to using the pump. If you do not know what jelqing is, well it has actually been known to be one of the second most basic penile exercises that involve milking or the milking like motion. It can be simple to look at but it may take you quite a while before you can completely master this technique.

When you think you have fully prepared to use the pump, now you can actually place inside the cylindrical tube your penis. Then you may start pumping. When pumping, one should consider doing the pumping done carefully as to avoid any serious injury to your penile area. The over stimulated or enthusiastic pumping can actually lead to the bursting of the blood vessels and may form blisters in your penile area. Another serious thing you must consider is to carefully set the pressure properly as how the device has noted in its manual. Doing of the above prescribed pressure may cause irreparable damage and injury that is serious and fatal to some points.





Why Use a Penis Pump?

As its main effect to temporarily increase the size of your penis, it also holds specific reasons why you should use a penis pump. One of these reasons is to increase the continued expansion of chambers in your penile area therefore increasing the erectile size of your penis. Using the pump also gives you an advantage of a proper penile stroking and techniques rather done by yourself that puts you at risk of doing the fondling at the wrong timing and method.

As techniques have been corrected by these pumps, an increase of the girth is attainable and a pleasurable sex for both you and your partner is certainly an assured thing after using the pumps.

What Are the Pumping Techniques Done by The Penis Pumps?

Various techniques have been noted once pumping using these kind of erectile pumps are done. Such techniques that are easily highlighted are the milking (jelqing) and the pulsing. The following techniques are quite noted and are commonly utilized by penis pumpers and are considered as basics as of any penis pump routine.


As the term “milking the tube” suggests, it is done by giving the tube a good grip and trying to make a pulling motion away from the base of your penis. The mechanism of this technique is like doing your usual masturbation technique and the motion that should be done must not exceed of 1 inch from the base of your penis. A good thing about his technique is that it helps keep the fresh blood circulating the penis. This circulation aids in the better pleasurable feeling. However, you must take note that milking with high pressures causes severe damage to your penis. Blisters and blood vessel rupture are among the most common injuries related to milking.


This technique is the most well known and used among the techniques used and utilized with your penis pumps. It is also believed to be very effective in maximizing the size of your penis. This technique involves in the creation and the release of a vacuum at a distinct interval. As it helps the chambers to expand and relax frequently, it helps in the maximization of your penis in a fastest way possible. Its one advantage is that it helps keep your penis in a conditioned state that reduces edema after use of the pump.


Where to Buy Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps are rarely seen on display on your malls. But if you do see these babies on your malls, it may be your lucky day. However, if you badly need this pump to satisfy yourself you may want to check out some trusted online shops. Online shops are known to give you a complete list of the things you might want from the common things to the exotic and erotic toys like these pumps. So why don’t you grab your card and avail one to experience something way beyond a normal sexperience can offer.

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