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If you ever thought that toys are only for kids, well you might think again. Even the big boys got several kinky toys under their sleeves that could give any guy a certified boner. Some of these toys are considered to be poison to the real and conventional sex, you know why? Well obviously, most men have chosen these sex toys over the real sex. Equipped with their realistic features,  any guy could easily turn to these man made leisures.

Some of these toys are perfectly created to mimic the look and feel of a real to life vagina, which are called as the Realistic Vaginas. Finding some facts about these kinky toys are quite hard. In fact, when you are trying to search “What is a Realistic Vagina?” on any search engine limited facts have been listed. So to answer your questions about these  sexy toys, we have been able to gather up vital information for this quick educational review about Realistic Vaginas.

What are Realistic Vaginas?

Realistic Vaginas are sex toys that are solely created to mimic the look and the feel a real to life vagina can give to any guy. The creation of realistic vaginas has rooted as sex enthusiasts have been able to create innovative ideas on how to successfully gratify a guy’s unstoppable libido and sexual needs without the aid of a partner. Although it has been clear enough why boys can go loco with these toys, Realistic Vaginas has neither been properly defined nor reviewed on the internet.

The Realistic Vagina has also been incorporated into life sized dolls as they would be properly labeled as sex dolls or fuck dolls. With the wild imagination of how to use a realistic vagina, anyone can be an expert with these toys no matter how you would want to use it or deal with it.

Who Would Benefit the Realistic Vaginas?

Your Realistic Vagina is the total bestfriend for a guy who fits in the criteria of a horny-lonely-all by myself type of guy. As this toy would surely give the provision of a loving comfort towards any guy, Realistic Vaginas are perfect substitutes for a cheating girlfriend out there.

If you would think there is no benefit for this kind of toy for a gal, well you have surely been wrong. Imagine a girl having a menstruation or whatever mood she is into that makes her think and believe she is unfit for a sexual intercourse as of the moment, handing your boyfriend or your partner this toy is indeed a lifesaver.

To sum it all up, boys are mostly beneficiaries for this type of toy. However, girls do have an advantage point when we are talking about Realistic Vaginas.

What are the Advantages when Using a Realistic Vagina?

Finding the reasons why you should avail a Realistic Vagina is like pointing out why you should not meddle with a hotheaded girlfriend or a partner. Here are some advantages that you might see reasonable on why purchasing such kinky and sexy toy.

  1. Practice makes Perfect. Realistic Vaginas are mimicking a real life g=vagina perfectly, visually and tactile. So when you are using this toy for your own satisfaction, your first time with a girl can be smooth and hassle free. You can actually be doing it like an expert.
  2. All By Yourself? A lonesome guy on a horny night, what more can be painful sight? Good thing, these realistic vaginas are equipped with the special features that can sexually gratify any guy who is longing for a hot passionate sex.
  3. Better than the Original.If you think that girls has the only ability to satisfy a man? Well, you might consider thinking again. Realistic Vagina is equipped with the required features that made most of its male users go gaga for this creation.
  4. The Alliance with Girls.If a girl is not in the mood to indulge herself on a sexual pleasure while the guy is completely on the right track, then this creation is the perfect thing you can hope for.
  5. Easy to clean. This type of masturbator for men is actually easy to clean. A good inside out wash with the aid of your water and soap can make this toy ready to go. Plus, if you have availed a special chemical designed to clean sex toys such as your Realistic Vaginas, then you are in great shape of properly maintaining your own toy.
  6. This toy has been noted to have perfectly mimicked the look and sensation brought by a real vagina. In fact, this toy has been noted as the toy which more closely resembles a real life vagina.

What are the Materials that made up a Realistic Vagina?

A Realistic Vagina or often times named as the artificial vagina has been made from various material that comes up with a variety of sensation and advantages for its users. So, here are the most common types of materials listed that are incorporated to create your realistic vaginas.

This type of materials has been made with the mixture if PVC and silicone materials. Although this type of material is known to be porous therefore needing special care and maintenance, this type of material has been known to stimulate a sensation that is seemingly closely related to a real life vagina.

These materials are made from elastic hydrocarbon polymer. With its remarkable durable and flexible feature, it has been one of the most common choices by the consumers. However, it is also a porous material therefore it needs a special maintenance if you would want it to last longer.

Soft Touch

Being hailed as the most loved material for a realistic vagina, this ponyl vinyl chloride based material can give you the jelly like feeling when humping. Soft and painless humping for its users has been the reason why it is the most loved among the consumers and users globally.

How to Clean your Realistic Vagina?

Cleaning your Realistic Vagina is not that hard as what you have been expecting.  Mostly, realistic vaginas are made from a material called a Soft Touch. With these materials, there are quite simple tips on how to properly maintain them to let these toys last longer and be reused safely on the next round.

 Primarily, what you need to do is wash these toys with warm water and with an antimicrobial soap to properly cleanse and get rid of the harmful microorganism that may compromise your health once you use your toy. Also, once you wash this toy you must also consider to turn this toy inside out if it is possible, but if it is not possible then do not bother of turning them inside out.

Next step is to let the toy be air dried. Air drying is the most appropriate way of drying your toy. Patting it dry or wiping it with towels or cloth materials may leave some fabrics that might become hassles and factors that may cause infection or itchiness in the penile area. One thing we can add as a tip for the proper management of your realistic vagina is the application of cornstarch to make your toy fresh, smooth, scratch free and maintained.

What are Some Considerations of a Realistic Vagina?

If you want your Realistic Vagina to last longer, we have here tips and walk-through on how you would be able doing it successfully. So here the tips you might use in the near future.

  1. Wearing a condom would protect your toy from easy deterioration and the promotion of easier cleaning method. Using a condom would prohibit you to cum inside the artificial vagina, therefore protecting it from your body secretions that might cause the slow deterioration of your toy.
  2. Keep away from Children’s Reach.The children might see it as a toy and use it vigorously on random things. These vigorous ways done by the kids would certainly create damage that would alter the function of your artificial vagina.
  3. Store away from Direct Sunlight.The direct sunlight might cause corrosion of the materials of your artificial vagina. Therefore causing detrimental damages that could greatly affect the function of your kinky sex toy.

Where can you Purchase these Realistic Vaginas?

Realistic vaginas can be found mostly on sex boutiques or to any sex shops that are selling various sex toys. Most of the time, the purchase of these toys through stores are quite rampant in some other states or other countries. However, some of the places do not just simply display them on their shops. Some of the places that have a problem with the issue of decency with regards to buying these kinds of se toys are the places that do not usually welcome and open sex shops and sex boutiques.

However, you do not need to worry if you do not spot a friendly sex shop nearby. You can actually find all these sophisticated items on the internet through various online shops.


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