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Using your hands for masturbation? Forget it, something is way better than that.

Masturbation is a self pleasurable act that would not require any sexual partner but can be improved by the aid of some sex toys. The collective term that is used to describe these toys are known as Masturbators. These collections of sex toys are actually being composed of a variety of choices that a customer could ask for.

Men are naturally the more horny species than the female population. As we do completely understand and cater for this pleasurable craving, Masturbators for men are invented for this sole purpose.  Equipped with various shapes, sizes, and style any men can easily choose on how they wanted to booze their penis into a variety of winter wonderland feeling.

If you think you are still new with these kind of sex toys, then we are about to hand informations that might be useful for you to be able to properly choose the right masturbator for you. So, keep scrolling below to be able to understand more clearly about these marvelous toys.

What are Masturbators?

Masturbator is a collective term used mainly to describe a toy that could bring sexual gratification of anybody without the aid of a sexual partner. Although there has been a variety of toys for you to choose from, its sole purpose has never been changed through generations.

Most of the time, Masturbators are being associated with the male Masturbators out there in the market. As men are being known to be more indulging to masturbation, the sex toy industry has been able to create a full collection of Masturbators for men.

Who benefits these Masturbators?

Mostly, the men population is more into using these types of Masturbators. As facts have stated, men do masturbation not just because of they are horny. They do it sometimes because they are bored or there is nothing left to do. Due to these boredom, they turn to masturbation and what a great way to satisfy them greatly than using these Masturbators

The specific designs and styles of these Masturbators has been able to create a more enticing way among men to gratify their sexual need. They might not need partners as well for the benefit of gratifying their sexual need.

What are examples of Masturbators?

There has been three Masturbators that are quite creating a great impact in the sex toy industry. Scroll down to know them better and consider on availing these toys for yourself.

Cyberskin Icy Pussy Stroker

This type of baby is a tight ribbed hand held pussylicious that lets you attain a satisfactory rating of eleven out of 10 from erection ‘till ejaculation. Its tunnel-like shape would let you hold your penis in a way that would cater you to slide your genital in and out without hassle and smoothly. Plus, it gives you a more excitement when you see your own penis gliding in and out the tunnel-shape with its special two-tone characteristic.

If you want to release your wild and horny side, this cyberskin icy pussy stroker would be your perfect buddy.


Tenga Egg Masturbation Sleeves

It's not Easter Sunday, but these Eggs can surely give you a pleasure anytime and anywhere. How would a breakfast egg give you a pleasure of a lifetime?

Like any other hard boiled egg, try to crack open the shell and then you would reveal an “ona-cup”. These egg sleeves babies offer a variety of internal textures that could grind your penis into a wonderful experience that you would never forget.

Eggs are no longer for the dietary consumption only but also for sexual satisfaction, Shmexy? Indeed it is.


Fleshlights, flesh-like and sex hard.

These mischievous products have set every foot, or rather set its every penis on the jump shot high level of ecstasy. You want to be played hard, well these babies will definitely give you a “hard drive”.

Fleshlights has its various shapes and forms that can be chosen by various customers. Any type of orifice can be catered by these fleshlights, may it be the vagina, the mouth or the rectum, they’ve got it all for you. If your purpose is to practice or to generally take a load off of some of your sexual energy, then fleshlights are certainly the best suited toys for you.

These are only samples of Masturbators for men. However, if you want something a more discreet or a more vulgar to satisfy your sexual need then it would definitely be your choice. These babies can turn our sexual fantasies into a sexy reality. So every customer must choose the right type of masturbator for them, like finding their perfect partner.

What are the most Common Materials of Masturbators?

As to how they are designed to be humped or to stimulate the penis of a man to the point of orgasm, Masturbators must have its feature of being something rubbery, soft and with a real feeling sensation. Most of the material that is common that is used with these toys are the elestomer blends. Elastomer blends are one of the most popular as it creates an incredible feeling of suppleness and skin like sensation. With this material, fake boobs, butts or vaginas can be so soft that it makes you think that it is better than the real thing.

Another common material is the cyberskin. It has been a common material among Fleshlights as they have been noted to create a sensational real feeling. Although cyberskin is quite higher its price, it is actually worth it as it gives you satisfaction like no other.

How to Maintain your Masturbators?

There are different steps on how to ensure the proper maintenance of your masturbator. So, here are the steps on which you can take some notes on to provide you a better idea of maintaining your sex toy.

Proper Washing

If you are thinking of washing your masturbator properly, you might consider turning them inside out. Turning them inside out would give you the proper execution of your washing technique, therefore can maintain your toy in a proper manner.

Proper Drying

Drying your sex toy or your masturbator should also be done properly. You should place in mind to avoid wiping it with towels or cloths that are leaving fabric remnants that might alter the quality of your toy. So, air drying it can be the best decision for you to dry it all up properly.

Proper Storing

After you have dried your masturbator, place it in a zip lock and release the air from the bag and zip it good and tight. Minimizing the air contact of your sex toy will prolong its usability and life. Also, try avoiding the masturbator from a direct sunlight exposure if you don’t want your masturbator to dry up.

What are the Benefits when using a Masturbator?

Using your Masturbator has got some advantages under its sleeves. Scroll down to divulge these advantages to make them your basis for purchasing your very own masturbator.

  1. If you could experience a masturbator, you would definitely go into a hyper mode in masturbation. Thus, giving you the sensation of beyond the satisfactory rate.
  2. Easy to Use. Most of these toys are quite easy to manipulate. Usually they are just ready to use for every guy who would wish a great satisfaction with his masturbating experience.
  3. Better than the Real thing.Most guys have reported that these toys are actually greater than the real sex experience. With your masturbator, you would actually not be able to try to please a partner and console his/her sexual wants.
  4. Easy to Clean.A toy that is easy to clean are noted to be more purchased in the market. Plus, it would not take much of your time to get this toy ready for the next round.


Where to purchase these Masturbators?

Due to its wide range of products and items, Masturbators can be found in every shop depending on how simple or how sophisticated your toy is. The more sophisticated your toy, the harder it is to find them in your local shops. However, the simpler your masturbator is, the easier you are going to find them on your nearest sex shops and sex boutiques.

So, if you are into the more sophisticated toys, you might want to consider ordering them from an online shop. Online shops have all the lists of Masturbators you may want, from the simple ones to the sophisticated ones.

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