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The Smooth-talking Lube

Dry sex is painful for both partners. A girl’s bone dried vagina could bump as a major problem that needs to be dealt for a sexual relationship. It is totally not working for the both of partners – the guy is having a hard time, the girl experiences painful penetration, nothing seems to work out, even the greasy condoms that you turned to for assistance does not stand any chance to your problem. Guys don’t want to hump in a woman’s crotch repeatedly without good sensation, right?


If you are still clueless about the only thing that will save you from the dry humping, then let me introduce you to the four letter word that would save you, the “Lube”. Below are useful information that you can gain to let you choose and purchase the perfect lubricant that can go with you all night long.


What is a Lubricant?

A lubricant is a synthetic “liquidy” material that is made for easier penetration of a penis or a sex toy to any orifice in the body. Personal lubricants have been known to be the easiest and the most effective way to solve the dry humping problem you can have on a sex night.


Also, lubricants are becoming more common among anal sex orientation which has become more common today among various couples. These lubes that would make the penetration easy is actually being made from different materials. If you would keep scrolling below, you would actually find the different types of material it is made from and its advantages it holds.





Who Benefits when Using a Lubricant?


The good thing about lubes is that it was created for the whole population to enjoy. It is not bounded by a specific gender or a specific sexual preference. Any person that would need some aid in a dry humping problem can actually turn to these lubes for help. A guy for instance, can turn to these lubricants to make it easier for him to penetrate his partner vaginally or through the anus.


A girl can also be blessed once a lubricant is present. When masturbation among women, they might need some lubricants for the sex toys to be properly penetrated into their own vaginal orifice, everybody is happy with the lube, even you for one can enjoy these creations with ease.


What are the Types of Lubricants?


There are actually different types of materials a lube can be made of. These differences would make every lube especially advantageous in its specific way. So here are the choices for you to take some notes on for your future use.


Water Based

In the market, water based lubricants are being marketed easily so it is well known among the public. Water based lubricants are by far the most popular as they are smooth and slick, minus the oily and messy feeling both the silicone and oil based lubricants give. Since they are water soluble, the skin and the mucous membranes of the body can easily absorb them. Thus, making the cleaning after sex a bit easier, washing it with warm water plus soap would be great.


Another advantage it holds is that its complete compatibility to condoms, unlike oil based which will easily corrode with latex products. Despite of all its advantages it still holds quite a few disadvantages. One of the things you might want to keep an eye is its glycerin component. Glycerin is known to promote infections for women quite easily. So girls may have to clean up well after the hot encounter. Another thing that this water based lubricant holds disadvantage is they easily dry up, so you might have to reapply a couple of times during your sex encounter.


Silicone Based

Silicone Based Lubricants are seemingly like your water based lubricants. However, they are much greasier and last much longer. Due to this feature, the main advantage of silicone based lubricants is being able to push through your sex without being mindful to reapply.


Another interesting thing you might want to check out about silicone based lubricants is that even if you submerge yourself in a body of water, they will still work. With this feature, you can actually consider doing it in the pool, or even in the shower. However, cleaning up with your silicone based products may take time compared to water based. Among people who does not like silicone based lubricants would actually report that it is like applying motor oil in your genitals, quite a shocking review for silicon based haters, right?


Oil Based

Lastly, oil based lubricants are really that repulsive. Why not use them? First, they are bad for the girl’s vaginal health. Second, they corrode latex based products which include your condoms, how boring is that.  They are slimy, messy and sticky. That’s it!


However, an oil based lubricant is quite known to men. As a specific oil based lube was designed for male masturbation, these types of lubricants still hold a glimmer of a chance to be used.


What are the Advantages when using a Lubricant?


Lubes are quite handy on a sexual encounter with your partner. So, we have listed quite a few benefits for you to be able to know why you should use and avail these lubricants for your own utilization.


  1. Painless Sex. A dry sex is something painful for both you and your partner. If you would want a smooth penetration and avoiding a bony feeling of humping, then the application of some lubricants can make it easy as grease to insert.
  2. No prescription.Lubricants do not need any prescription to be availed. Therefore, you can actually get this stuff anywhere and whenever you may want. Plus, when it is no prescribed by a physician, you can actually buy them over the counter without any hassles.
  3. Costs Friendly.Your personal lubricants do not actually cost that much. Therefore, they can be used among every social status out there, no boundaries for everybody.
  4. Easy Penetration.Whether a sex toy or a real-life penis is penetrating any orifice, lubricants can make your sexual encounter a lot smoother.
  5. Varieties of Choices.Personal lubricants are made from different materials, as listed above. You can actually opt for the better choice for you and your partner. May it be a water based lube r a silicone based lube, every single lubricant got some advantages under their own sleeves.
  6. Much Erotic Sex.Once your penetration is smooth and slick, you can then experience a sexual experience that is heavenly and much erotic. Easy, smooth and erotic, who could say no to this kind of sex, right?





What are the Considerations when Using Lubricants?


Even though lubes are quite easy to use and are cost-friendly, there are still some pieces of information you should be able to know when you are using lubricants. Such as:


  1. Be careful of the type of material you pick. Some people are allergic to some of the materials of the lubricants. For these reasons, you might as well ask your partner for any types of allergies your partner had in the past. So, if you don’t want to end in an emergency room after a sex night, try to check the material you chose.
  2. Check the type of lubricant and the type of material your sex toy is made of. When you have a sex toy and you would’ve wanted a lubricant to go with it, try to check the sex toy’s material it is made of. Sometimes, a specific lube is detrimental to a specific type of material being made of your sex toy.
  3. Re-application of your lube. If you think that you are going to use the lubricant only once on your sex night, then you might have thought wrong. Some of the lubricants are needed to be re-applied once they dried up already. Try to apply some lubricant every time you think your humping became dry already.










Where to Purchase these Lubricants?


Lubricants are available in every pharmacy out there. Every pharmacy got every choice of these lubes for you without even asking for a prescription. Even better, these lubricants are available in convenient stores for your convenience. However, if you are struggling to find those with labels and are sophisticated types of lubricants, you might as well turn on your computer and find your wanted lubricant from an online shop.


Online shops got every brand and types of lubricants you could wish for. Plus, online shops can give you a sense of privacy when ordering your own product. They would just deliver it on your doorsteps after a specific number of days.




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