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The consideration of anal sex as a social taboo has long before diluted as time passes by. It is maybe because of its social intrigue that makes people feel a thrill doing this kind of sexual enactment. Although it has been more common among homosexual sexual intercourse, anal sex is something that cannot be disputed even with heterosexual sexual orientation. In fact, there have been a report of quite a number of adult heterosexual individuals that are being more sexually inclined to anal sex.

As to suffice this sexual enticement among adult individual who are into anal sex, various devices have been made to satisfy their gratification. Such devices that were devised for the sole purpose of creating a sexier and  friskier anal sex is the world renowned, Anal Beads.

What are Anal Beads?

Due to the complete sexual imagination among people, anal beads came to exist in this world. Anal beads are generally composed of beads with various sizes that is attached to a string and has a ring at the last part of it to prevent the sex toy from being completely dislodged and inserted into the anus.. These beads are inserted into the anus one at a time when having sex and removed with varying speeds to create also a variety of orgasmic reactions.

These beads are quite responsible for the pleasurable feeling as it readily stimulates the tons of nerve endings that are found in the rectal area. As for its sizes, anal beads are quite versatile with its sizes as they are being sold even to beginners to anal sex. These beads are also quite the second most well known anal toy following the dildos.



How to Use these Anal Beads

When you are having your first time with these beads, you may hurt yourself when you lack the certain knowledge of how to use these beads. If you do want a more enticing evening that is pleasurable enough, you might want to do some research on how to properly use the said sex toy. Here are some 101 tips on how making your dreamy anal sex would be successful as regards to using your anal beads.

Avoid the Nylon Stringed Beads

Nylon strings are considered to be the cheapest and has the lowest quality. These nylon based strings that attach together the beads are considered to be hard to clean. Thus, retaining the smell and microorganisms once no condom applies to the said anal beads. However, if you do want to use these type of anal beads, you might want to consider covering these babies with condoms. The stimulations of the beads may also decrease because of the barrier effect the condom has placed an effect towards these beads.

Lubes are quite handy

Lubricants are really necessary when it comes to anal toys. If you want a smooth and slick entrance of your toy towards the rectal area, you may really have to consider these lubes. Water based lubricants are simply the most advisable  among all the lubricants out there. However if you only have a silicone based lube, you should apply this into another silicone based anal beads. Just always remember that the much lube you applied the easier it is to penetrate it to the rectum.

Condoms for your Anal Beads

Utilizing condoms that should cover the beads is an effective and easy way to keep your toys clean and free from infections. Also, it is much cleaner once condom is used to cover. Although it has been noted to decrease the stimulation with your beads. Condoms will actually make your toys last longer and making your toy be properly maintained.

Try it on by yourself

Using it with your own could decrease your anxiety with this product. Although you are buying his toy for your partner to try it on you, if you can do it by yourself with ease then it would be much more pleasurable  in the real sex with your partner. The key here that you want to establish is your comfort when using this product. When you do it by your own, provide yourself with some privacy and sufficient time to master using this toy.

Never be fooled by the Porn style of Using Anal Beads

As you can see it with some porn actors, they have inserted and removing the beads with ease. Well, don’t be fooled by their acts. As porn stars, they have been able to perform wide range of pretty dangerous sexual practices. The size used in porn movies are also misleading, you may want to start with small size when doing it the first time. Sometimes, it is better to be safe than being sorry when it comes to anal beads.

Lastly, Prioritize safety…

The safety of your partner should be prioritized first. If you do not want to end your romance in the emergency room, you might want to take it slowly and surely with your partner. Try to assess the pain level or the comfort level of your partner. Do not try to monopolize the whole experience by your selfish sexual needs.




Who Uses the Anal Beads?

Anal beads are used by both genders and all sexual preference and orientations. They are not considered to be a fetish, however they are associated with tons of fetish acts such as anal sex, spanking, enemas, ass worship or any sorts of foreplay with the buttocks and the anal area.

Both heterosexual orientations and homosexual partners are free to use this type of sex device. No one is actually restricted to this type of device as long as both partners are willing to participate this sexual act.


Where to Purchase Anal Beads?

These beads are quite sophisticated and exotic in nature, Due to this main reason, you may not be able to see it displayed on your favorite shopping malls and supermarket. Well if you do spot these on your nearest shopping centers, it can be your lucky day. However, finding this product to these stores can be quite hard. So, online shops are the favorite spots who offer and sells this type of sexual devices.

So you better prepare yourself your card and sit in front of a computer searching thoroughly in your trusted online shops. Wait for a couple of business days, and bwa-la! Your sex toy arrives and ready for use.


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