First Time Sex Pointers

Girl’s First time sex pointers

Popping the cherry, losing the “it” word, Deflowering- they’ve been calling it with different names, but it’s all the same. Losing your virginity for the first time might be a troubling challenge for anybody. So here are 8 tips girls can learn and relate before giving in your virginity.


  1. Safety before Sex. Safe sex is the ideal sex of course. Lessening the chance to contract a disease for such act is the goal here. Well, we do not know the respective sex history of your partner, so let him wear his condom. As we all say, “Prevention is better than cure”.  Be proactive in your sex health.



  1. Breathing In and Out. First time sex is a real psychological stressor, not to mention it’s quite painful for the first time. Breathing in and out can calm your cracking nerves and can get you in the right mood. Letting the oxygen be carried both to your brain and to your muscles would prevent muscular spasms, sprains and anxiety from happening in your first time experience.



  1. A steamy Foreplay would help. A good foreplay is healthy habit for a preparation for a sexual intercourse. It would prepare your body for the possible changes you could experience for the gush of endorphins you will feel in the actual intercourse. But, be sure not to ruin the moment or else the situation will be quite awkward. Let your feelings for each other carry the mood. Kissing, touching, caressing – it’s all part in the game.



  1. Be turned on before sex. “Pain in the first time sex is not a good thing to remember, is it?” Physiologically speaking, a female’s vagina produces some sort of a lubricant that will aid the penetration of the penis without hurting much the vaginal wall. Thus, intercourse before arousal may result to the risk of damage of the vaginal wall and can cause pain.



  1. Talk. It would be unfair if your partner will have all the fun. Talk to him how you want to do it. Be little bit more honest about your desires. Let him know the things what you think is fun. Also, talk in a sexy manner to maintain the mood.  


  1. Don’t Fake it. An orgasm is quite hard to achieve if you’re the female. But don’t worry, orgasm can be learned how to be achieved as more experience would come by. But please, don’t fake an orgasm for your first time. You’ll be cheating on yourselves if you’re going to fake it. Thus, your first time will not be that fulfilling.


  1. Don’t worry. Do not worry if your guy’s penis malfunction in the middle of your sexual intercourse, or there would be an early ejaculation. It is not your problem nor it’s not about you. It is quite normal for a guy when sleeping for the first time with someone else.  No worries, it’ll work out.  



  1. Learn. After your first time experience, try to remember the things you wanted and those things you ain’t wanna want for the second time around. Talk to your partner after doing it and try to tell him. Let your first time be your basis for a better and a healthier sex life.








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