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Sex enthusiasts have quite been very imaginative these days. From various kinky stuffs they have been developing, quite few serves the purpose of giving your sex the sense of sophistication. The production of materials that aims to give you a more pleasurable and different ways of gratifying your intimate relationship with your partner has been one of the key reasons on how the creation of “butt plugs” came to be.

Well, you heard them right. There are things that are used to literally plug your anus for a more thrilling night with your partner. Imagine a champagne with a cork covering, that is exactly the main depiction of how to use these plugs. So if you do want to have a sizzling night for a change, you might want to check these plugs on.

What are Butt Plugs?

These babies are sex toys that are utilized by both men and women for the purpose of anal sex. It has given the provision of an additional stimulation and sensuality, as well as pleasure to your sex with your partner. Mostly ,all of these butt plugs are created with a flared base for the main purpose of the prevention of the plug to completely be inserted inside the anus, that can cause fecal impaction. These plugs come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes in which the buyer can choose from. Some the designed plugs are conjoined with a vibrator or can be inflated to create a feeling of fullness in your rectal area.

Types of Butt Plugs

Butt plugs come with tons of materials to choose from, which you can be comfortable with. These materials differ in their texture, feeling, mechanism and most of the time their ability to satisfy their users. Some of these materials are mostly constituted with silicone based products. There are also quite a number of people who chooses the jelly rubber material that has a soft feeling once penetrated in the anus.

The acrylic material is also perfect if you are looking for something stiffer than the usual. These babies are considered to be the “more” manageable type of plugs for your partner. However, nevertheless of what type of material you choose. It has always been noted that when you use these products, a night of sexual fulfillment can be attained.

How to Use Butt Plugs?

Anybody can use this frisky toy. They can do it with a partner or even with  a solitary fun. These toys do not limit you on how would you plan to satisfy yourself. This stuff is also quite for perfect who are into BDSM or anal fetish foreplay. So, the correct application of this sex toy can surely bring you an immeasurable pleasure.

You must remember that when you are into solitary sex, you should be able o remember to choose the design of your plug smartly. Specific designs are created for promotion of stimulation of the prostate among the men and feeling of erotic sensation for women also. When you are planning to insert it to any anal orifice, you must remember to lubricate it every 20 minutes or even more frequently as needed. If this toy has been inserted for quite a long time, it has the tendency to completely dry and can cause enormous pain when removed from your, or to your partner’s butt. We just don’t want that to happen, do we?

Some couples do have a common interest in using butt plugs as enhancements and “renovations” for their sexual act.The guy can use this plug while having a vaginal sex to his partner, thus creating a double feeling of fullness. With these double feeling of fullness, any girl would simply not be able to resist this kind of sexual act. It will certainly makes you ask for more.


Useful Tips When  Using  Butt Plugs

When you perfectly got on how to use it properly, here some tips to make you feel at ease and enjoy the moment. So here are some useful tips you might want to take some notes when using these butt plugs.

  1. Relax and Don’t forget to breathe. Having a controlled breathing pattern and a much relax state of mind would also relax your anal sphincter on the process. Thus, giving your anus a good entrance for the plug. Once this is established anal plugs are not painful to penetrate and be removed.
  2. Use Lubricant. If you do not want your partner to be in much pain when removing these plugs after sex, then you might want to use the lubes. Check out water based lubes, these lubes have never gone wrong and are certainly adaptable to any materials of your plug. Also, reapplication of the lube for every 30 minutes or as needed is quite vital to avoid drying if the toy.
  3. Do not apply to the vagina when applied in the anus.Seriously? You would think of penetrating a butt plug into a vagina? Its name in the first place does not say “vaginal place”. Also, infection can take place after you penetrate that lug to your partner’s vagina. It is a completely NO! Not today, Not tomorrow, and Not in a million years. Stay on the safe sex zone.
  4. Easy positioning. When you are in pain once you penetrate these plugs even though there is enough volume of lubes, the position may be incorrect. For the comfort of the one inserted with the butt plug, you must position him/her in such position that discomforts can’t be felt. The basic doggy-style can be a good way to insert the plugs well without any discomforts.
  5. Wash them after use.When you are done playing with your partner, do the initiative to clean properly the toy you used. These plugs are easy to clean with a soap and water, or better yet with a commercialized solution that are specialized to clean these plugs. When you maintain them properly, the longer they lasts in your hands.

Where to Buy These Plugs?

These lugs are easily available in your selected sex boutiques. Some of the stores are quite secretly operated among certain areas. However in some locations, you might spot them in your nearest street corners or even in your sidewalks. If you do happen to not find any sellers, do not worry for the fact that these toys are rampantly sold through online shopping.

If you want to make things more exciting and much more spiced up, then you can visit and scan through various kinky stuffs in www.privategiftsmanila,com. You can definitely see various collections of sex toys that are way beyond your imagination and that can certainly meet your sexual fantasies.



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